Human Highlights

Good morning Dragon Musers

It’s very frosty this morning and I’m walking in my forest. I think of it as mine because I have a key to the gate. I’m oblivious to the fact that hundreds of others do too 🙂

Busy week back at work and I’ve started back at Fitcamp too. After the first session on Monday I could hardly walk!

I managed to finally finish my creative writing assignment on Wednesday. Writing stories sounds easy but believe me it isn’t !

On Friday I met up with Sonia and Paolo and we went to the Southbank to see Fascinating Aida – they were brilliant! I’d recommend their tour if they come to a place near you…

Must stop – walking is getting slippy underfoot in this part of the forest.

Dragon Musing

Molly Japanese is safe with us this morning. I’m having a walk in my forest according by medicine for the key to the gate and is oblivious to the fact that hands as others due to a busy week back at work. Start a bucket fit cancer and after the fusion on Monday I can hardy talk.

Finding out create feel Simon on Wednesday. Writing a story sounds evening and leaving it really is.

Friday night it was sunny and Paolo led to Southbank C fascinating Aida.  They’re brilliant. I think they say I’d recommend seeing their tourists coming to replace you.

Why was walking smiley underfoot and all across part of the forest?



Human highlights

Happy New Year to my Dragon!

Today is January the second 2014 and it’s time to start my daily walk again although it was difficult to park here. I’ve missed going for my walks and over Christmas I seem to have been doing sumo-wrestler impersonations – not a good look. So I guess it’s time to take some action.

It’s getting near dusk here down at Virginia Water and it’s been beautiful – a fabulous day. It has just started to rain but the lake is so spectacular. I especially like it in the early morning but this is the first time I think I’ve been here at sunset and although there are a lot of people about, so it’s not very quiet, the lake itself is beautiful – and flat calm.

Well I suppose I should make the most of my daily walk as I must go back to work next week – a further six month sentence!

Happy New Year everyone


Dragon musing

Happy New hereto Gavin
When is 2 January 2014
Time to start my daily walk again and sitting out with a Japanese car. I’ve missed going for walk in over Christmas and seem to have turned into restaurant estimations. I’m not good. Super nice time to take some action.

It’s getting asked out here down at the Judy water. it’s beautiful and it’s been fabulous day
Started to rain and the latest is so spectacular and I’ve especially very early morning this is the first and I think I’ve been down here in Somerset and it’s a bit fluffy people effectively and it’s very quiet in the lake itself is beautiful fast car

Well I suppose my daily walk dyslexic go back to work yet another six months out of cell sentence.

Bitch airline everyone



Human highlights

Well yet again it’s been a long time since the dragon mused. My big news is that I’m working again – proper grown-up job with commuting and everything – eek!
Trouble with work is it interferes with pleasure. My daily walks have had to be abandoned at the moment – I’m getting a very early train in the mornings and in the evenings all the energy I can muster is for the walk to the wine rack 🙂 Actually that’s a lie – I’m not drinking on a school-night – early commutes and muzzy heads are not a good combo for my workday lifestyle.
What’s been going on in Dragonland otherwise? There has been a bit of a trail of abandoned projects … started and had to abandon a photography course, have postponed my fitcamps until January and my running is also on hold.  But it’s not all bad news – I’ve just had a lovely weekend in Portsmouth with Nick, Sonia, David, Linda and Paolo – ostensibly to watch Paolo graduate, but also visiting the Historic Dockyard  and  eating and drinking too much!

Today I start on an Open University Creative Writing course ….. Will I have to start competing with the dragon on creativity?

Dragon musing

Where is the long time city driving? A big news is I’m working for the job literally a proper grown-up geography from you everything each.

Double lesson is in favour of pleasure to abandon my daily walls because I’m going such an early train in the morning, in the evening all the air and you have mastered the colossus your water while back.

Is somewhat flawless anything is Monday – yet another good Conway’s combo to my workday lifestyle.

Almost in going on in Dragon and other worlds. Most innovative trail of abandon projects any moustaches manufactured London photography course that has postponed a further fitting until January and the running on hold

It’s not all bad news. Is that a really lovely weekend in Portsmouth with Nick Sonia David Howell and Linda, offensively watching parallelograms and also visiting history doctor and eating and drinking too much.

They have built in white as creative writing for forgiveness  to compete with the jazz on crime creativity


human highlights

Cooked Ian a birthday dinner – curry and gooseberry crumble – not together of course!
Went to Penton Hook Island on Sunday to keep Teresa company on her photoshoot.
Had a Turkish meal with Georgina and Sandy near Waterloo -they’ve hardly changed at all – lots of reminiscence of course.

dragon musing

Cooked universities in a curry with the couple and groups become more not together for a moment offensive. What islands due to the company on those sensations. Let family and your geometric Turkish women in Waterloo.  Another change to school after reminiscence of coffee.



Human highlights

Well that’s the first week of Fitcamp done. Three 5am wake-ups!
The 5:2 diet is going okay but I do find the fasting days very difficult.
Yesterday I had a day out in London with Mair and Maddy. It was lovely to spend time just the three of us. We went to the British Museum although I confess that we spent more time chatting in the members’ room than looking at exhibits!

Dragon musing

Bata versus the sink and down with three 5 AM wake up 30.

I’ve two days going okay. Thank you sinusitis, I think it is really difficult.

Yesterday I had a direct in London. I am happy. It was lovely to spend time with just the thrill of all. I must confess that this is the biggest spend more time chatting and remember things are looking at those events.


Human highlights

The August fitness campaign has started well. I decided to give the 5:2 diet a try and did my first fast day on Friday. Gosh I was hungry!
Hopefully I’ll get used to it.

Had a lovely long walk with Teresa on Sunday morning. Along the Thames path between Laleham and Staines.
Just under six miles.

Getting up at 5am this morning for my return to Fitcamp was a struggle but it was lovely to see everyone again !

Dragon musing

Forever realistic containers going quite well I decided to try the side Tudor and Friday is my first crush hopefully I’ll get
used to it.

I love the long war with chorizo on Sunday morning along the Thames Path between a limit today just under 6 mile.

Any other family in this morning before I return to think that real trouble there. Was lovely to see everybody again



The return of the dragon

Well – the dragon hasn’t mused for a long time. Sorry.
It’s been a combination of a wonderful holiday in Italy followed by injuring my leg and not being able to do my daily walk!
It’s been a hot, hot day so I’ve waited until late afternoon to do this walk – but it is still sweltering!

So today is the first of August, a shiny new month and an auspicious day to start afresh. I need to lower my blood pressure so it’s also the start of a new fitness campaign.   – daily walk, healthy eating and fitcamp starts again next week – oh and I’ve decided to try not to drink any wine for the whole month.

Wish me and the dragon luck 🙂

dragon musing

You know someone who can worry the domination of wonderful holiday makers of ways in my loads of incident mother-in-law.
Enough multi-platform day only concern over forth and fell asleep in sweltering out.

Saturday the first of all the shining in Montana the Syusei to start fresh.
I need to know my blood pressure so faithful person who has the start of a new thing is something of a good healthy eating and able to camp again next week. Oh and I decided to try and not think anyone now.

Wish me on the Dragon lot